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Marriage purpose matters

Published: March 7, 2009

While most Vermonters are focused on addressing fiscal troubles, both personally and in state government, those intent on redefining marriage in Vermont are hard at work advancing their agenda. It should be clear that homosexual marriage is not about benefits since those were attained in 2000. This is solely about redefining marriage.

During my 2006 congressional race I had an odd interview with blogger Philip Baruth that was very telling about the length to which supporters of homosexual marriage will go to get their way. During the interview I presented a question that turned the interview completely around, causing Baruth to struggle defending an idea he clearly had not thought through.

Baruth published our entire conversation on his blog along with some very bizarre editorial comments. The interview, which can be found under news at www.ShepardForCongress.org, demonstrates that even as a leading advocate for homosexual marriage he had not begun to consider its ramifications. Baruth's closing statement and nonsensical editorial remarks further demonstrate that he will accept all sorts of marriage arrangements and slander anyone who thinks differently in the cause of bringing about homosexual marriage.

For those who believe that nothing should stop the enactment of laws codifying homosexual marriage, there is no reason for them to study the consequences. For the rest of us, it is well worth taking the time to understand where expanding marriage will inevitably lead our culture and to discover why traditional marriage and family are foundational to its survival.

The issue at stake is not so much that marriage will expand to all sorts of relationships beyond one man and one woman, but that doing so will sever the connection between marriage and children. Consider the costs to our nation from the breakdown of the family. Those we elect to public office should be actively pursuing ways to strengthen the bonds between the biological mother and father and the raising of the children they together bring into this world, not severing these ties. That is in everyone's best interest. While that ideal is not always possible, and in some cases not best for the child, it is still very important that that remains our goal as a society. Public policy is an expression of our goals.




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